Why Google Analytics 4 should be part of your digital marketing plans

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Google Analytics 4 Changes

Google Analytics is changing

Goodbye Universal Analytics, Hello Analytics 4.

Google Analytics are an essential tool for any digital marketing measurement and planning. With changes coming to Google, its time to plan!

Google Analytics in its current format referred to as Universal Analytics, will be coming to an end in July 2023. The platform change follows a range of changes by Google in recent years while also reflecting necessary changes to data collection and privacy policies globally.

Google Analytics 4 will become the new platform for analytical data of your website and though it will look a little different, it will still a wide range of insight to aid reporting and overall performance monitoring.

Universal Analytics data will remain for a time, but Google has advised that only data from 6-months prior to the July switch off will remain. For those seeking easy review of year-on-year data for example will benefit from organising their Google Analytics 4 property implementation sooner rather than later. This will also allow time to get used to the new platform, while ensuring continuity of data.

How The Web Orchard can help

Google Analytics is important to anyone who owns or manages a website. Whether an individual or an organisation, analytics enables the means to really see how your website is performing, provides insight in where to focus resources and help understand what your customers are seeking.

To assist with the upcoming changes to Google Analytics, The Web Orchard as part of our extended digital marketing services can provide new and existing customers assistance to be ready for the changes and set up for Google Analytics 4.

Digital Marketing at The Web Orchard

You may already know about the range of digital marketing services available from The Web Orchard. Alongside our dedicated website development and design services, we also offer a range of digital marketing options to support your business success online.

Our digital marketing services include:

All these services delivered by our marketing team work to support your organisation to support or extend your marketing plans, drive sales and conversion and maximising your return on investment.

Services are available on a bespoke project basis to meet individual needs on request.

In addition to our range of services, we also share updates and information that many customers and organisations may find helpful. In our latest update, we wanted to share details of a major change coming to Google in the coming months that will impact all individuals and organisations that have a website.

For more information and to find out how we can assist you with the changes to Google Analytics 4 or your digital marketing needs, get in touch today!

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