Google Shopping Campaigns

Put your products right in front of people searching on Google.


Google Shopping campaigns are a great tool for e-commerce websites to promote products on the Google search platform. Shopping ads give potential customers  product information including an image of the product, product name, price and more even before they click on the Ad.

Why Google Shopping?

If you want to sell your products online, Google Shopping is the perfect system for driving sales and product exposure. Google Shopping campaigns also offer you:

  • Targeted advertising for all your products and product groups
  • High conversion rate due to prominent image placement
  • Product feed linked directly to your e-commerce solution
  • Ability to prioritise seasonal campaigns or focus on certain products/product groups
  • Ability to communicate different campaign messages across different product categories

Google Merchant Centre Management

One tricky element of implementing Google Shopping is configuring the Google Merchant Centre, where product details are updated and managed through feeds. As Google Shopping experts we have the skills and experience to make this process a breeze. We work with our clients to collate and format product data so that your entire product inventory (or selected products) are effectively showcased across Google search results.

Google Shopping Optimisation

Our Google Shopping campaigns are focused around strategic product promotion, online sales objectives, and competition. Through extensive keyword research we ensure that your product feed is continually updated to target high-performing search terms for your products. Through insights and analytics, we provide in-depth reporting on campaign progress and produce recommendations and actions to keep the campaign optimised.

Get in touch today and unleash the potential of Google Shopping on your e-commerce business.