Online Marketing Services

Helping businesses meet their digital goals.

At The Web Orchard we offer a number of Digital Marketing services to help businesses develop their online profile and expose them to a greater number of customers.

We pride ourselves on having the perfect combination of technical skills and expert knowledge to help clients meet their digital goals.

Our Digital Marketing services, which include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads (PPC) and Google Shopping campaigns, along with Social Media Marketing services always get results. We’re passionate about helping clients to increase their online presence, rank highly in Google searches, drive sales and conversions, and maximise return on investment (ROI).

Our Google Analytics monitoring and reporting services keep businesses in the know. We help clients to monitor and measure their web traffic in order to understand exactly who their audience are, how visitors interact with their website, and what search terms and keywords brought them to the business. We then use this information to identify potential  improvements to the site in order to drive traffic and enhance the User Experience (UX).

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that enables businesses to harness digital marketing data by using code snippets across their website.

Google Tag Manager can be configured for conversion tracking, website analytics, retargeting, and many more tracking purposes – without adding and editing further code on your site.

We can create the tags and triggers for you to make the most of your website performance data.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.

You can use the pixel to:

  • Make sure your ads are shown to the right people. Find new customers, or people who have visited a specific page or taken a desired action on your website.
  • Drive more sales. Set up automatic bidding to reach people who are more likely to take an action you care about, like making a purchase.
  • Measure the results of your ads. Better understand the impact of your ads by measuring what happens when people see them.

We can configure custom reports in Facebook Events Manager to help clients get the most from their Facebook data.



Search Engine Optimisation

Optimise website structure and content to boost search engine rankings.



Google Ads - Pay Per Click

Target customers through pay-per-click advertising campaigns.



Social Media Marketing

Marketing and promotional opportunities via Social Media channels.