Top 10 reasons your business needs a website

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reasons you need a website

The idea of having a website for your business may appear seem excessive, costly, complicated, or simply not the best use of your time… but being online can be the easiest step to help you reach your audience.

However, as time has changed the general habits of the world, not having a digital presence can mean your business remains undiscovered. Gone of the days of looking the pages of a directory for the business or service you require. Even the Yellow Pages has moved to fully online and offering businesses a website in the form of a digital shop window using their platform.

Read below for our top 10 reasons why you should consider investing in your business with a website to find out more…


1. It’s how your customers are looking for you

When looking for the answer to a question how often are you told “just google it”? The same can be said when someone is looking for a product or service. A website can help create the bridge between your customers seeking to buy or see what you do at a time they are looking for the information. Websites can help give the information you wish to show, create a means of contact which can be particularly useful out of hours or even solve a problem without taking you away from the day-to-day.

As consumer habits have continued to change significantly after the impacts of recent years, more and more people are turning to online to find solutions – if you’re not there, you could be missing out.

2. A new way for word of mouth

Often customers will be influenced by others. A website can not only be a way to share information about your business but offer an opportunity to share what others are saying about your business too. Using online review opportunities such as Google Reviews or featuring testimonials on your own website, sharing feedback from past customers can help attract and secure prospective buyers.

Sharing message

3. Share your message

Though you cannot control what is said about you, you can steer the narrative with a website. Not only can you share information, promotional details and more about your business, but it offers flexibility to decide how and when you need to. Websites have been shown to be more efficient, cost effective and measurable ways to spread your message than for example printed materials through your intended customers door alone.

4. Maximising your return

Posting brochures through potentially hundreds of letter boxes with the hope of some return can be cost prohibitive. While the same brochure on your website to view or download when the target customer is looking can be much more efficient and better use of your budget.

Additionally using a website, you can measure what is happening with reporting tools. Utilising reporting tools such as Google Analytics, you can see how many people are visiting your website, where they are from and what they are looking at for example. Such information can help not only see where interest is coming from, but also what is or isn’t working and where to focus your efforts.


5. Gain credibility

A professional website can provide an added layer of legitimacy of your business. 61% of consumers expect to spend more time online than pre-2020. Illustrating the increased desire to discover products and companies in the online realm. Studies suggest 50% of smartphone users discover a new company or product while searching on their device, therefore not having a website can mean miss opportunities. Another recent study found 75% of online consumers judged a company’s credibility based on the design of their website.

All the above points to fact that people are more likely to engage with a company they feel they can trust, and a website can be the first stepping stone to building that relationship.

6. Be constructive

Your website is the place to ensure you are found but also to answer those important initial questions your potential customers may have. When people visit your website, there is already a legitimate interest in you and a desire to know more in their own time. Should you cover the basics in an easy and informative way, they will decide whether to continue to conversation or engage in your business further. This means should these same customers reach out to you, they should be already well equipped with the basic facts to enable you have to a more meaningful conversation, and steer to a constructive and business beneficial conclusion.

7. Be competitive

You’re not the only business in your industry or potentially in your location. If your competitors are already gaining ground online, you not being in the same space will keep you at a disadvantage. With a well-maintained website and digital marketing investment such as search engine optimisation, you can work to ensure you’re seen alongside or above your competitors to those crucial target customers.

Social Engagement

8. It’s not all about social

Social media is an attractive outlet for businesses. It can feel like a prime opportunity to showcase your products and services to a wide audience for little to no cost. However, as consumer habits continue to change, platforms alter their way of working including creating increasing concerns of a pay to be seen arena for businesses, and most recently platform access outages, there are more barriers to success emerging.

Your website is in your control. Yes, it can be reflected in your social media accounts, but it can work harder and better for your business in the longer term both with existing and potential customers.

Though trends are showing people spending more time than ever online, where they are spending that time is changing. In 2018, Facebook shared that user spent 50 million fewer hours browsing on their platform. Social media can help support your business and has potential to increase custom, reliance on this alone is a huge mistake no business can afford.

9. Work for longer – but you don’t need to

Websites offering all the information and more that your customers are seeking, means your content provides all they need at that first step and is available 24/7 – so you don’t need to be. This is particularly beneficial for business who wish to make the most of e-commerce opportunities or lead generation.

Additional functions such as chatbots where appropriate can also provide a layer of customer service and relationship building during the more general, basic questions when you are not available, and they need it most. Meaning you never miss an opportunity to build that relationship and chance to convert.

10. Showcase your offering

Your website can be the first interaction your target audience has with your business. Therefore, your website can provide total control of that first impression and lead to more. Along with these benefits, you can update information, add promotions in areas of core interest for your business or even downloadable brochures to ensure you have all the customer needs to convert from a potential to happy customer.

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