Just Google It!

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When you’re trying to find an answer, an item or simply information, “just Google it” is likely the response you’ll hear.


The power of Google and search engines continues to grow and has created an opportunity business is seen.

With a strong performing website with searchable content, it can be the first step to helping to ensure your business’ website appears at the persons time of need.

So what is a “strong performing website”?

Websites created with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind can be more easily recognised by search engines to match you with a relatable query. No search opportunity can be 100% certain, but with effective design, content and searchability, there is a greater chance for your business to be seen.

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Why should I use Google Ads?

Google Ads, are a form of advertising to help ensure your business website is seen by the right person, at the right time. With relatable criteria to match with an appropriate search and a little budget, there is a greater chance of your business appearing at the time of search and gain valuable website visits.

What’s helpful to many businesses is Google Search Ad’s can be more affordable, measurable and effective to drive traffic and awareness than other traditional or digital methods.

Google Search Ad’s offer greater control over what you are doing and real-time view on how effective your campaign is. You can set the content, budget and timings to name a few elements to make this step into digital advertising more accessible for any industry and scale of business.

Google Search Ads can appear a complicated route to advertising and reaching out to your target audience, but The Web Orchard can help you make those first steps and beyond. Speak to the team today about our Digital Marketing packages including Google Advertising services.

Is Google Shopping for me?

Depending on your retail business, Google Shopping can be an added injection of opportunities to have your products seen when someone is seeking to buy and drive website traffic.

Utilising your existing website product range and Google Merchant Centre, the platform enables a more integrated, targeted way to show your products as they are being sought by potential customers. The format also enables you to be seen alongside similar brands/items in an automated way.

Once set up, you can also use Google Shopping as part of your Google AdWords marketing plans to further raise visibility of your products at the time they are being searched for. As with other Google Ad formats, you still have full control of the budget and means of measurement to stay within your benchmarks.


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