IPSA’s revolutionary App empowers the front-line

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The Web Orchard have recently been working closely with International Professional Security Association (IPSA) to develop a free mobile application designed to give a voice to the front-line. The development of this App is a result of the new radical approach adopted by IPSA that promises free executive membership for front-line security workers: Fire Systems, Security Officers and Systems Security.

The App provides a unique platform for sharing and recording anonymised data on the mental well-being of the front-line members, while capturing figures and trends relating to unreported incidents, employer support, diversity and disability, amongst others. This revolutionary tool, for the very first time, will enable an accurate picturization of incidents affecting the front-line security officers and the wider community, as well as the impact on the businesses.

“This will be first-hand anonymised data which will allow us to be vocal within the industry and to government. We hope that in turn, companies will want to be part of us to help improve security and help to meet the needs of frontline staff and create greater App recognition for the professionalism of the teams,” explained Simon Pears, Chairman of IPSA.

The App offers information and guidance, welfare, training modules and some IPSA-specific offers, alongside news feeds from around the world. The front-line workers will easily be able to register and access the IPSA membership by signing up for the free App. They will not only receive all the executive member benefits but will also be entitled to certification as well as the right to include the post-nominal after their name.

“This vision is inspired by the hard work and commitment that front-line services offer the public to help keep them safe and secure.  The free membership of IPSA is our ‘thank you’ to them.  We want to become the voice of security front-line workers,” Simon said.

IPSA is the UK’s longest established and one of the fastest growing security associations. It is recognised worldwide as a professional security organisation. Whilst currently the App has been launched in the UK, it will quickly be rolled out to other countries with the USA being the next scheduled release.

Along with months of efforts to establish the new IPSA it was supported by the contributions made by some of the industry-leading companies. They became ‘IPSA Founders’ and volunteered their assistance and funding to help empower the front-line members of the new IPSA.

Una Riley, CE of IPSA said, “The Founders supported a vision that is now a reality.  The Founders have helped IPSA to offer free membership for all people working on the front-line within the world of security. IPSA will always remember the special contribution that the Founders have made to help the front-line be recognized and valued for the important work they do.”

Of the Web Orchard Simon Pears, Chairman of IPSA, stated “Peter and his team have provided first class support and guidance as we developed the new IPSA app and the team have shown they are adaptive and flexible as the project developed and our understanding of how the app should be built, the end user interaction and the key outputs that IPSA required were delivered with passion and commitment”.



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