Goodbye to Google my Business Websites

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Google Business Profile Website Shutdown 2024

Google has announced that websites generated through Google My Business profiles will be switched off in 2024.

For years, organisations could use a Google feature to create a basic website using information on their Business Profile.

Over time as organisation needs and technology has changed, the use of this feature has reduced and following a wave of changes by Google, the Business Profile based website function is the latest to be shut down.

Business Profile Website

Business Profile websites were heavily featured as part of the Google profile setup process as a way to aid particularly smaller businesses to be live online.

The websites using a set template structure created by Google were simple in design showing over a short number of pages key details as included in your business profile but in website style rather than the normal profile view in search for example. It was also a quick and easy way to have a website for your organisation to aid its authenticity without the need for budgets or technical skills.

Many small or new businesses benefitted from the feature while it was active most strongly during the heights of the Google+ era.

Why is Google removing Business Profile websites?

As technology and user trends have moved on since the feature first arrived, the simplistic format and somewhat limited scope has meant use of the Google feature has reduced over time. As organisations seek additional functionality and expansion to wider digital platforms and marketing efforts, most have moved on to dedicated website platforms.

Following a number of other changes by Google over the last year, including removal of unused accounts and changes to its user conditions, shutdown of its website feature will potentially aid wider performance and operational focus by the organisation. By removing the website feature, Google could benefit from potential storage cost savings associated with server use as suggested by other more recent changes, while also moving work focus on existing or future feature developments.

When will Google Business Profile Websites end?

Google has confirmed that Business Profile generated websites will end on 1 March 2024. Clicks to the Google website address URL will instead redirect to the organisations Google Business Profile until 10 June 2024. Once the transition period has ended, redirects will also be removed and simply users when attempting to enter the Google website address will instead show as unavailable.

What can I do?

To be ready for the changes and ensure your business retains a form of website presence, consider seeking a new provider for a dedicated website. By working with a provider, you can retain full control of your website therefore removing the risk of such terminations impacting your business in the future.

Your new dedicated website can be linked back to your Google Business Profile in the website link section and can be designed with the same content as you have currently. You can also look to review what information you are sharing as it may be beneficial to add more updated content or features to further support your business and marketing.

Dedicated websites do not have to be expensive, and many organisations benefit from a brochure website style to share crucial information.

Google Sites which operate separately to Business Profile also remains available should organisations wish to instead create something themselves using the template format. However, such websites would need to be created by the organisation directly which may not be suitable due to the time and effort to do so.

How can The Web Orchard help?

As dedicated website design and developers along with a range of marketing services, our team can deliver affordable website solutions. Our range of services means we can take away the hard work creating a new dedicated website while ensuring you retain full ownership going forward. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses who do not have the time or resources to create or maintain something while also benefitting from ongoing support options.

To see how we can help you get in touch today!

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