Website Design

Website Design

Whether you need to develop your brand from scratch or work with your existing brand we have the skills and experience to deliver a brilliant website design.

Our beautifully designed websites will give your brand and business a striking presence on the web. We work closely with clients through each stage of the web design and development process, from web design concepts to refining the finished design to convey the identity and character of your individual business.

When providing website design solutions, we take several factors into account. Initially, we develop predominantly in PHP paired with MySQL databases. This confers advantages to our clients, namely cost and portability.

Compared to other website design and development technologies the hourly cost of PHP developers is far more competitive than, for example, ASP developers without any loss of functionality.

These technologies are also open source, which means the options to interface with other systems you may operate within your business are much simpler than proprietary, in house designed systems.

As we use open source systems that are readily available, there is plenty of expertise in the community. This means that should you require to move your website or collaborate with other web designers or developers your website is completely portable. We mention this as we know some of our clients have been locked into unsatisfactory solutions and have found it difficult to move – our systems do not lock you into us.

We provide most of our content managed websites using the Drupal content management system (CMS), however we also have experience in the Wordpress CMS and many other systems. Each have their strengths from ease of use to e-commerce options and we will advise as to what in our experience suits your web design needs best.

Take a look at our web design portfolio to see what we have achieved up to date.

We have been developing websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes since 2007.