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Client: Support Shrewsbury

The Support Shrewsbury site is a unique online marketplace for the town of Shrewsbury. It gives users the opportunity to buy vouchers and products for over 50 Shrewsbury businesses and has proven to be a useful tool to help with the Covid-19 crisis.

The Web Orchard worked on the technical aspects of the project and had to overcome a number of interesting challenges around voucher creation and distribution of payments.

The website was developed in conjunction with Shrewsbury BID.

The Objective

To develop a virtual online marketplace giving people the opportunity to buy vouchers and products for their favourite Shrewsbury businesses. With the overall aim to help boost recovery during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Method

Working closely with Shrewsbury BID, we developed a WordPress based solution. A number of challenges were overcome, one being ensuring that vendors had sufficient control over managing their store front and that the site kept an overall look and feel in keeping with the Shrewsbury branding.

Integrating with Stripe Connect proved a useful way to ensure that retailers got paid directly for orders. A user could checkout with products from multiple retailers and payments would automatically be distributed between the vendors. The system allowed for an optional percentage commission for the store operator.

The Benefits

  • Users can buy from multiple retailers in one transaction.
  • Retailers can sign up and manage their product catalogue and store front. They would also benefit from the marketing activities the BID have done around the store.
  • The platform is flexible for features such as click & collect, booking delivery slots and the selling of vouchers and physical products.
  • The system is developed around the popular WordPress CMS, meaning that organisations can benefit from the ecosystem of plugins available

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