Web Design, Wordpress

Client: Innovise

Industry leading workforce management and compliance software solutions provider Innovise, approached us to see if we could help to enhance their website. An international organisation with a diverse target audience from a variety of industry sectors, they needed to enhance the customer experience and simplify the customer journey through their website.  Needing to communicate effectively with each specific audience, we focused on clean layout, engaging imagery and clear content to satisfy the objectives set by Innovise.

The Objective

Providing a portfolio of software solutions to a number of industry sectors across a growing number of countries, Innovise required a website that was able to clearly and effectively communicate with all of their audiences. Wishing to enable website visitors to easily understand the technology that they provide, the benefits of the solutions and to find the specific software package to match the web browsers needs, Innovise turned to us for assistance.

The Method

Analysing the original customer journey and the user experience, we were able to identify ways in which to improve navigation through the website and engagement with the Innovise offering. Enabling people to effectively ‘self-serve’; learning about the different software solutions and selecting the one best suited to their needs, was a primary objective for Innovise. Creating clear pathways through the information, complemented with bold, simple infographics and imagery, provided the new website with a much easier route to sale. Working with Innovise, we edited and created new user-friendly content to sit within a layout that encourages click through to other areas of the site.

The Result

Bright, engaging and fit for purpose, the final website developed by us and presented to Innovise satisfies all of the objectives. Complex information and confusing navigation has been transformed to provide a website that allows anyone, from any industry sector within any country to understand exactly what Innovise provide and how it will benefit their organisation.