The Web Orchard puts Housing Plus Group in the driving seat

Wanting to innovate the way that they communicated with their stakeholders, customers and colleagues, one of Shropshire and Staffordshire’s largest housing providers, Housing Plus Group, turned to Shrewsbury based website and digital marketing specialist The Web Orchard for assistance.

Traditionally providing a paper-based annual report, Housing Plus Group wanted to publish the documentation online in a creative, interactive way. Increasing accessibility and potential reach of the information, Housing Plus Group had a fixed idea of what they wanted the report to address but needed assistance in creating the overall concept for an engaging web-based presentation of information.

Peter White, Director at The Web Orchard talks about how the team produced the concept and the results required for this unique project:

“Providing us with the content and an idea of the type of information that needed to be presented, we worked with Housing Plus Group to create the concept of a car travelling through a residential area, stopping off at various points of interest. Telling the 12 -month story of the organisation through a bright, bold and interactive model, we are all very pleased with the end result that displays the information in a very effective way. Once we had the concept and the design finalised, we then went on to build the online experience.”

Delighted with the solution provided by The Web Orchard, Ben Payne, Marketing and Communications Manager at Housing Plus Group concludes:

“It was the first time as a group that our annual report was completely digital. We are delighted with the results with thousands of views within weeks of launch. It was an absolute joy working with Web Orchard who did a first class job of delivering what was in our heads.”

Launched in September, the 2018 Housing Plus Group annual report is now live on the website for people to view: