How your brand can make the most of Instagram's new feature

Instagram recently annouced that they're introducing the ability to add up to 10 photos and videos in a single post, album-style. 

Users can then simply swipe through the post to see the individual photos and videos - a little similar to Snapchat's slideshow format. 

While some publications are already writing about the death of Instagram's culture of careful curation, we are already loving the idea as it allows you to essentially create carousel ads for free. 

Much like carousel ads - the highly engaging and interaction ad format that performs 10 times better than regular ads - Instagram's new featyre will allow you and your business to combine photos and video to tell stories and convery information in the best way possible. 

But what are the best ways to tell your stories? 

1. Tell a story - albums give you the opportunity to explore new avenues for storytelling, and allow you to break stories down into multiple parts to make them even more engaging for the audience. 

2. Showcase products - whether you choose to show off several different products or highlight features of a single product, the new albums format is a great way to tell people about what you offer.

3. Share events without spamming - have you ever helf an even event and wanted to share everything? But the desire of not spamming your followers meant you could only choose one or two images? Well, no more! Now you can carefully curate the best photos and videos from an event and share them in a grouping that adds extra content. 

4. Explain how to do something - the abilitiy to easily pull together mutiple elements into a single post makes albums the perfect place to share a how-to. 

5. Break a larger image into multiple parts - while lots of brands have happily embraced the #triplegram, you can now move onto the next level. Crop a panorama in several pieces to show off the details and then, you can even get creative with other funtionality to engage your audience further. 

At the moment Albums have a single caption and are square-only, however, Instagram's annoucement blog post hints at future updates to this feature. 

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